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C.A.T.A. Informatica
The System Integrator for the digital transformation of your business

C.A.T.A. Informatica helps businesses with their digital transformation process, by providing a portfolio of cutting-edge software solutions as well as great design, technical and application expertise.

We are accustomed to analysing your business processes and to identifying the software solution that best meets your specific needs, according to the sector in which you operate. We follow all the software implementation stages, providing users with ongoing support from the start.

The technological infrastructure of a business is increasingly critical to ensure its efficiency and competitiveness. The portfolio of software solutions proposed by C.A.T.A. Informatica helps businesses to implement innovation.

ERP solutions

Moving faster and in a more organised fashion
C.A.T.A. Informatica is the system integrator which can help businesses with the choice, installation and management of the digital strategy backbone: the IT system.

We carry out ERP implementation projects for the enterprises that demand accuracy, attention to detail, speed and a broad functional coverage from their management software; thanks to our culture and commitment, we can provide all of above. In a world that changes at an increasing rate, seize all the opportunities that modern, comprehensive and flexible software solutions can open for your enterprise.

-- TeamSystem Enterprise -- ACG Enterprise -- CATAforBusiness

CRM Softwares

Focus on your customer

The CRM platform is turning more and more into a strategic tool and – when integrated with the corporate IT system – can help businesses to manage and optimise all the customer contact points.

With a multichannel and multilevel approach, our Customer Relationship Management solutions can acquire and consolidate the information on existing and prospective customers, communicate the right messages to the appropriate target, achieve more lead conversions and optimise the management of all after-sale processes.

Data is analysed in real time: sales, opportunities and all information on existing and prospective customers are made available to the sale team and to the other corporate departments, even on mobile devices.

-- TeamSystem CRM -- Sugar CRM

Business Intelligence

Turn your data into knowledge

The process of turning huge volumes of data into information that can be used to help with decision-making may be one of the most critical competitive factors for a business. Our Business Intelligence software solutions are the state of the art for BI.

They can acquire and manage data, providing all the necessary support for the development of the business strategies: they interface with the corporate IT system to provide structured analyses, targeted reports, real-time statistics and specific indicators.

-- TeamSystem BI -- Qlik Sense

CATA Digital

The delicate phase of document digitalisation and dematerialisation is a critical step in the life of your business. Efficient "paperless" processes help your business to comply with the regulations in force, while also increasing its competitiveness and ensuring time and resource savings. The software solutions we offer to enterprises can allow them to quickly implement certified and entirely dematerialised processes.

Our digitalisation Team includes developers, application analysts and consultants: this mix combines technical IT expertise with the specific expertise required to deal with the main 5 processes in which we have specialised.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution, a radical change based on technological innovation that involves the production systems and the relations between enterprises, production chains and the market.

All production processes are interconnected and controlled through new digital technologies, sensors and low-cost wireless connections that also interface them with the business management software.

The management of the preventive system maintenance (CMMS) and its full integration into the ERP with MES, FCS, MRP and WMS is a first real example of how the approach to Industry 4.0 can be gradually implemented in all businesses.

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C.A.T.A. Informatica

Centro Direzionale Milanofiori
Strada 1 - Palazzo F1 20057 Assago (Milano) - Italia
Tel: +39 02 36571.118 | Email: cata@cata.it

Treviso Nord Business Center
Via Postioma, 68, 31020 Castrette di Villorba (Treviso)
Tel: +39 0422 1521.000 | Email: cata@cata.it

Sede di Torino
C.so Francesco Ferrucci, 112 - Edificio B1 10138 Torino
Tel: +39 011 7544632 | Email: cata@cata.it


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